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Xanda - /dev/project - Playing MP3s under Fedora core or Red Hat Linux Desktop system

Q. Quick question How can I play MP3 files under Red Hat Fedora Linux.

A. Because of Licensing issue all Red hat based distributions like Fedora, Red hat enterprise workstation and other distro such as CentOS doest not ship MP3 and DVD players. In order to enable them you need to use yum to install them or rpm command to install them. But where you can find out rpms? The best place to get all xmms rpm is to visit Dan site. It has all xmms packages since Red hat version 7 to latest RHEL 4.0 and fedora core versions. Use ypm which is an update-tool written in python for RedHat based distributions. You can configure it as follows:

(1) Login as root user or use su command.

(2) Open /etc/yum.conf

# vi /etc/yum.conf 

Append following line of text (mms) to yum.conf file:

name=Dag RPM Repository for Fedora Core

(3) Install dag’s GPG signature key with rpm command:

# rpm --import

(4) Upgrade your system by typing following command:

# yum update

Please note that you can add any new software by typing following command syntax:
yum install

(5) Install or upgrade xmms use the following command:

# yum install xmms-mp3

(6) Open terminal and start xmms

$ xmms &

(7) Additionally you may need to install xine (DVD player) as follows

# yum install xine

And you are done. Online references:

  • Please see Dag’s site FAQ for more information on how to enable MP3 support for RHEL or download all xmms rpm files.
  • XMMS home page to download additional skins and plugins