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Xanda - /dev/project - Improve Firefox Startup Time With Firefox Preloader

Firefox Preloader is a utility that is designed to load parts of Mozilla Firefox into memory before it is used to improve the its startup time. If you have an old slow computer, Firefox may take 10 seconds (or longer sometimes) to start up. So this simple tool helps speed up firefox start up times.

To use the Firefox Preloader, simply place a shortcut in the Windows StartUp folder, if one is not present. To begin using if right away, simply use the shortcut in the Windows Start Menu under the Firefox Preloader program group.

When the Preloader is loaded, a Firefox icon will appear in the system tray. By right-clicking on the icon, you can bring up a menu of actions to control Firefox and the Preloader. By double-clicking on the icon, you can open a new Firefox window with your currently set home page(s).

The Firefox Preloader will immediately load a portion of Mozilla Firefox into memory to cut the startup time of Firefox in half. As you begin to use Firefox the remaining portions will be loaded into memory. When all of the Firefox Windows are closed, Firefox will remain in memory and the next startup will be instantaneous.

If you use the ‘File->Exit’ menu item in any Firefox browser windows, Firefox will be unloaded and all the memory it was using freed. The Preloader will then reload Firefox, making it available for later use.

Right clicking on the Firefox icon in the tray will present the following menu items:

  • Open My Homepage - Opens your current home page in a new browser window
  • Internet Options - Opens the preferences window to set Firefox's options
  • Preloader Options - Opens the dialog where you set the Firefox path and other options the pre-loader needs
  • Reload Firefox - Unloads (if pre-loaded) and reloads Firefox to clean Firefox's memory cache, enable newly installed extensions, and use a newly applied theme. This also reactivates the Preloader if it was deactivated.
  • Unload Firefox - Unloads Firefox and deactivates the Preloader to free memory for other applications, use “Reload Firefox” to reactivate the Preloader and load Firefox into memory. This options is disabled when the Preloader is inactive.
  • About Firefox Preloader - Displays the current version of the Firefox Preloader installed
  • Unload Firefox Preloader - Unloads the Firefox Preloader and any instances of Firefox loaded by the Preloader